Story of Max and Carlota

M aximilian and Carlota left Europe full of hopes and dreams for their future as the beloved rulers of a new Empire. Maximilian sincerely believed in his responsibilities and eagerly studied everything to do with his new country. He immersed himself in the culture, politics and national identity of Mexico. This was a daunting goal - to transform himself into a genuine Mexican Emperor when he had been raised on the carefree banks of the Danube listening to the waltzing strains of Strauss and nibbling on chocolate torte. Maximilian applied himself to this goal with methodical German diligence. Arriving in his new Empire, dripping with aristocratic hauteur and earnestness, the fair-haired Maximilian, accompanied by his beautiful wife, Carlota, must have appeared like the next return of Quetzalcoatl to the New World.

Soon after arriving Maximilian and Carlota discovered the truth about their 'election' and the lack of support for their rule within the country. Baffled by this turn of events Maximilian turned in on himself and his habitual European Royal ways - he began to hold lavish balls, splendid banquets and other regal events in his palace at Chapultepec Castle, overlooking Mexico City. Depressed by the circumstances he found himself in and unable to figure out how to master the impossible situation of a foreign monarch backed by foreign armies ruling over a resentful population Maximilian saw no way for he and Carlota to get out of the mess. Going back to Europe was out of the question for a man of honor; what did he do? Maximilian entertained. perhaps he hoped to charm the country into loving him.

Back in France Napoleon III was counting the mounting costs of his Mexican intervention. He had completely underestimated the costs of the occupation and the intense resistance of the Mexican people which was growing stronger by the day. MORE
Max accepts

Maximilian being offered the throne by a Mexican delegation

Leaving for Mexico

Maximilian and Carlota leaving Europe for Mexico

Napoleon III

Napoleon III, Emperor of France

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