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Carlota, the Grand Opera

ROBERT AVALON - composer-pianist

Mr. Avalon was born in San Antonio. His music has been described by San Juan, Puerto Rico music critic Sylvia Lamoutte as "Brilliant, rhapsodic, solid construction and dominion of form. There is bravado and passion. The music never stalls - it flows forever forward." Dallas pianist/music critic Larry Walz wrote of an all-Avalon concert in Houston: "An accomplished pianist. Avalon's music for this and all other pieces on the program was expressive, original and acutely imaginative." Houston Grand Opera music director John DeMain wrote of Avalon's works for voice and orchestra: "He is a first-class composer possessing an uncommon lyric gift as well as having a real command of orchestral textures." San Antonio music critic Diane Windeler wrote in the San Antonio Light: "...a compelling sense of logic and momentum...vividly contrasting dynamic...tension builds inexorably to fierce climaxes...a gift for melodic line and a secure approach to structure and development." In 1997, Houston Chronicle music critic Charles Ward wrote: "soaring melodies...the music made a big emotional impact...a gift for broad, compelling melodies and building the tension of a movement to a resounding peak...fresh, innocent exuberance." Mr. Avalon has composed works in most forms including song, solo piano, chamber ensemble, choral, orchestral and opera. He has been the recipient of many awards and commissions and has performed large segments of the piano repertoire including the entire Well-Tempered Clavier of Bach and cycles of chamber music with piano including the complete Beethoven Piano Trios and the complete Brahms chamber music for piano and strings.